21/07/2020 The Importance of Credit Control for Business Health

Credit control is vital to every business as overdue invoices ultimately affect cash flow and performance. With cash flow issues and bad debts being the number one reason small businesses fail it is important that your business has robust credit control processes and procedures in place. Does your business suffer from any of the following?

☑ Late paying customers/overdue debts?
☑ Having to write debts off?
☑ Lack of time and resources to chase debts?

Effective credit control will get you paid faster, improve your cash flow and allow you to focus on what you enjoy most – working with your customers and providing them with the goods and services you are passionate about.

If you need support establishing credit control procedures to reduce the level of overdue and bad debts then contact us for a free consultation on enquiries@queensgatem.co.uk or call us on 07917 373432 and talk to one of our experienced advisors. We are here to help.

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